Why aren’t retail stores copying Starbucks?

From The New York Times:

Wall Street has been watching Starbucks’s introduction of a mobile ordering and payment system, which is available in more than 4,000 stores around the country. Mr. Johnson said that 20 percent of all money paid to Starbucks in the United States came in through its mobile app.

“These new capabilities like mobile order and pay enable us to bring in new customers to Starbucks,” he said, adding that the service will be available in all company-owned, United States stores by the holidays.


And I bet 90% of those mobile dollars are coming through the iPhone.

Why aren’t more retailers copying Starbucks’ mobile strategy?

I should be able to order from target.com with in-store pickup, walk in, scan my phone and have my already picked items brought right to me. And then pay right there on my phone.

In fact, I’d choose that over shipping to my house because it’s not inconvenient for me to drive to Target. But it is inconvenient to walk around Target searching for things, filling a shopping cart (if in stock), and waiting to checkout.

Every fast-casual restaurant should just blatantly copy Starbucks here. Only one I can think of that has an app is Chiplote.