QueueView: Find Out When Netflix Streaming Movies Expire

Did a bunch of movies disappear from your streaming queue March 1st when the Starz deal expired?

Netflix to lose share of top movies

Netflix to Lose Starz Content on Feb. 29

All These Movies Will Vanish From Netflix Tomorrow

Did you wish you would’ve known beforehand that they were going to disappear?

With QueueView for iPhone, you’ll know! QueueView reveals the expiration date of any Netflix streaming movie. It will even sort your Netflix streaming queue by expiration date, so you can quickly see which movies you should watch next before they’re gone.

Purchase the in-app upgrade and gain the ability to search the Netflix streaming catalog, add and remove movies, and post a link to movies to your Facebook news feed. The Facebook feature is great for when you want to let your friends know about a good movie before it expires.

Another useful feature: move to the top. If your queue has a lot of items, it’s frustrating to scroll through the list on your TV trying to find something. Just pull out your iPhone or iPad, search your queue, and move the movie to the top and you’ll find it right away.

QueueView is available now in the App Store!

QueueView was created by Stefanik Software. QueueView icon designed by Brian Stefanik. Stefanik Software has one other app in the App Store, InstaBrowser, an Instagram viewer for iPad. Steven Stefanik is the owner and sole developer at Stefanik Software, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.