Nostalgia. It’s delicate, but potent.

Has technology made things too easy?

Today, you can take some photos on your iPhone, and immediately post them to Facebook and Instagram for everyone to see. Or you’re having lunch with a friend who pulls out his iPhone and effortlessly swipes through some photos to show you.

What happened to the slide show?

Showing photos used to be an event.

You dig out the slide projector from the bottom of the closet. Set up the DA-LITE™ screen, or maybe just a bedsheet tacked to the wall. Carefully load the slides, one by one into a tray, snap it in. Turn off the lights and turn on the projector.

The screen lights up, the fan hums.

Your photos are on the big screen. Family and friends gather in the living room to watch. You tell a story about the first photo. Clunk-clunk, the tray rotates, the next photo appears on screen, another story is told.

Unfortunately the days of film, slides, and projectors are gone. Digital cameras and HDTVs are here to stay. But you can still have that emotional and nostalgic photo viewing experience.

Introducing The Carousel, for iPad.

The Carousel recreates the sights and sounds of a traditional slide projector. You’re presented with a bookshelf of your slides, the photos on your iPad and Instagram.

Select a box and the tray is loaded into the projector.

And your photos display on the projector screen.

For the ultimate experience, if you have an AppleTV, you can use AirPlay to display the projector screen on your HDTV, while you control the projector from your iPad.


The Carousel is available in the App Store for free.


Let it take you back in time, to a place where you ache to go again.

Mad Men ´The Carousel´ from Emilio on Vimeo.