Instagram Widget for Panic’s Status Board

I love the new iPad app Status Board from Panic. It’s actually something I was looking into building myself (displaying data feeds on an HDTV). And I’m a huge fan of anything that uses AirPlay in new ways. I think iPad+AppleTV+AirPlay is a underused combination.

So since I’m already familiar with the Instagram API (from my app InstaBrowser), I hacked together a simple little Instagram widget for Status Board.

It will prompt you to login to Instagram so it can read your feed. Then it will download your most recent 20 photos in your feed, cycle through them every 15 seconds. Every 15 minutes it will refresh the 20 photos with the most recent.

I put this together pretty quick, so I’m sure there are some errors. And there’s plenty more features I’d like to add. Let me know what you thinkĀ @steven_stefanik.

Install Widget on Status Board!


Photo Apr 13, 7 30 06 PM