Great use of Push Notifications and Emoji in Yahoo Weather app

The most recent update to the Yahoo Weather iOS app includes a new feature: scheduled weather notifications. Basically you will receive a push notification in the morning with current temp and today’s weather forecast, and another notification at night with tomorrow’s forecast.8AM weather push

This probably isn’t an original idea for a weather app, but I like their execution. First, it’s a great use of push notifications: providing the right information at the right time.

But I love the use of Emoji to show conditions. Just brilliant! They’re able to condense all that weather info inside a notification, so that you don’t even need to open the app. A lot of people would say if users are not opening the app, that’s a problem. Quite the opposite, they’ve made their service even easier to use, and more seamlessly integrated into the OS, so that users don’t need to open the app.

In fact, I believe we’ll continue to see more apps that can be used without even opening them. Notifications are just the beginning. With iOS 8 we’ll get interactive notifications, where users can provide simple YES/NO type responses embedded in the notification. And also Today Widgets, which will allow apps to display info and gather input right in Notification Center, without opening the apps. For apps that just need a quick data entry or status check, this will streamline use, which means more engagement.

The right notification at the right time, whether it’s Yahoo Weather or Yo, is powerful.