Drive-up stores


From Engadget:

Amazon is working on a drive-up grocery store in Sunnyvale, California that will rely solely on internet orders — you’d schedule pickups instead of wandering aisles

This is exactly what Target/Walmart should have been experimenting with years ago.

Unlike ordering prepared food (like a pizza) which you need at a specific time and place, home delivery of other products is not necessary, and sometimes not even convenient. You may need to sign for a delivery, packages can be stolen from your porch, or damaged by weather.

Meanwhile, almost all of us are driving our cars every day anyway. It would be great if I could easily pick up my order at a chosen location near my home or work, and on my own schedule. And if I’m out of town on vacation, my package isn’t sitting on the porch for 3 days.

Cheaper to ship, more secure, and more convenient for the customer.

Related: I read some guy speculating that if electric cars go mainstream, and most people are able to adequately charge them once a day at home, there are going to be a lot less gas stations needed. And because gas stations are located at convenient locations, they could be ideal for someone like Amazon to purchase and turn into package pick-up/return depots.