Apple Watch is going to be huge

From WatchAware:

…in the years to come innovations will happen that will make the Watch far more compelling. The screen, the battery, the speed, the applications, and the sensors will all be noticeably better. Not only that, but the Watch will likely do something we haven’t thought of. It’s hard to say what that is today, but it’s bound to happen.


True, but the reason I think the Apple Watch will be a success isn’t based on the unknown future capabilities.

The core experience of the current first generation watch is compelling: it’s a useful way to use my iPhone without using my iPhone. Is it $400 worth of usefulness? Well, definitely not for everyone. Not yet.

But Apple nailed the core functionality of the watch (one of those functions is style too) and has built a solid software platform behind it that will help the functionality grow on the next generation of hardware.