App Store on Apple TV?



From ilikecode:

“it completely changes the economics of signage. Even if Apple pays zero attention to features for this market, it will become the dominant device in use, and a great opportunity for iOS developers.”

Well at this point we might as well wait and see what Apple reveals today, but this is great “jobs to be done” analysis of a new Apple TV. I’m particularly interested in the Signage job. We normally think of HDTV signage as something only seen in public settings, but I think there could be a future of digital signage in the home. Apple TV creates that ecosystem for developers.

Signage in the home? With the ability to interact with the Apple TV apps using your iPhone (and with bluetooth iBeacons) and being tied into iCloud, I could see possibilities for dedicated HDTVs in the kitchen, bedroom, garage, home gym, and home office. What Panic has done with their Status Board app is a hint at the possibilities.

Also, if HomeKit has any future, I think it’s going to be tied to Apple TV as a status board and remote control.

But immediately there will be lots of new things to do with digital signage in small and medium sized businesses that would not have had the resources previously to invest in a signage platform.